Prestige HM provides Hotel and Hospitality Sector Consultancy services, including development planning, project management, analysis, pre-opening and repositioning.

Prestige HM has the expertise, experience and contacts to assess the potential of your business, evaluate its strengths and weaknesses and advise on the best way forward. We provide a full development and project management service, from new builds to refurbishments.

Our highly experienced management team can assist with all areas of hotel, spa and golf resort development, project management and consultancy and has a thorough understanding of issues and challenges within the sector.

Capital Expenditure Planning


Prestige HM has extensive experience with capital expenditure, a vital ingredient in growing the hotel business.

Capital expenditure is essential in order to maintain the value of the hotel or its market share, reposition, re-brand or convert to alternative use, or add additional rooms and facilities. Prestige HM can assist, whether the project is a refurbishment, an acquisition, a new build or a change of use, to avoid waste and increase impact of the capital expenditure. Capital expenditure is vital to maintain room rates, customer satisfaction, repeat business etc and managed properly capital expenditure should be seen as an asset.

Management and Analysis


Prestige HM has the necessary experience in management and analysis to drive your hotel business forward.

Management and analysis is key to hotel operations and expansion. Prestige HM can advise on analysis of opportunities, value for spend and project management. Timing is critical in order to maintain market position and Prestige HM’s highly experienced team can advise on all aspects of hotel management.



Prestige HM has a proactive approach to managing owners’ pre-opening budget.

Prestige HM can advise on all elements of a hotel’s pre-opening budget, including PR, marketing and financial planning. We create a strategy that delivers a demand analysis, strategic sales and marketing plan, pricing strategy, management team development, recruitment, operating procedures and web development and management.

Project Management


Prestige HM’s excellent project management skills will ensure capital expenditure projects run smoothly from start to finish.

Prestige HM believes project management to be essential to the successful delivery of capital expenditure projects. We will ensure they are delivered within the budget and timescale, advise on design and implementation and reduce health and safety risk.

Prestige’s ability to provide effective and experienced project management is essential to the successful delivery of capital expenditure projects.

Delivering on time and to budget, limiting disruption, reducing health and safety risk, work with owners and advise on design, review tendering documentation and processes.



Prestige HM can advise on rebranding or repositioning your hotel business.

Rebranding and repositioning are often required in the hospitality sector and Prestige HM’s experienced team of professionals can manage the whole process. Whether it is a hotel under construction or an existing business in need of a refurbishment, we advise on the whole process to ensure optimisation in the market.